COVID-19 Information


We have been closely following developments at the State and National level this past week. At this time, moving into the week of 03/23/2020, we will be remaining open with our normal hours to accommodate existing and new patients.

Following Governor Polis’ Public Health order on 03/19/2020, healthcare facilitates are able to continue their practices as necessary. This means that we plan to support our primary care providers/offices, who will likely see an influx of symptomatic patients, by serving the musculoskeletal and orthopedic populations. With physical therapy assisting to triage these conditions, we view it as one of the best ways we can support our local healthcare system.

In an effort to support our primary care partners and their orthopedic populations, who may be unable to access care at this time, we are going to offer our continued services to accept patients, direct access for all orthopedic conditions who are unable to be seen by their PCP. Patients can be referred to us direct access without a physical consultation with their PCP. Medicare patients can be sent with a prescription to ‘evaluate and treat’ for a condition, but without a physical consultation with their PCP. Patients with a chief complaint of an orthopedic problem may be directed to us by the front office, nurses line, or other relevant triage person.

All patients will continue to be screened at intake for any fever >100.4 and acute onset of sore throat. All staff will continue to self screen for the above symptoms or any members of their household presenting with the above symptoms. We will require 14 day quarantine or (-) COVID-19 testing prior to their return to work.

We ask that you call to cancel your appointment if you develop a fever of >100.4 and/or an acute sore throat. We will continue to honor a no cancellation fee policy for all cancellations due to presumed positive COVID-19 or other health issues.

All clinical staff will be utilizing personal protective equipment not limited to masks, gloves, and glasses for the protection of our patients and ourselves. All patients will be required to wash hands at intake or use hand sanitizer. Finally, our staff will continue to clean surfaces, tables, and change equipment used between every single patient encounter.

We appreciate your understanding and response to adversity during these times.

Thank you,
A. Fox Physical Therapy