Ankle sprains are an extremely common injury, the majority of adults report experiencing at least 1 ankle sprain in their lifetime. Despite the high prevalence of ankle sprains, very few individuals seek physical therapy for treatment.

Ankle sprains, no matter how minor they are perceived or how quickly an individual “recovers”, are a serious injury and should be treated as such. Ankle sprains cause immediate and lasting changes to the muscles and sensory receptors in the region resulting in impaired ability of the brain to know where the entire leg is in space. These impairments can result in an increased risk of recurrent ankle sprain, knee injury, patellofemoral pain, and hip injury as well as increase risk for falls later in life.

Physical therapy can help do more than just reduce your pain following an ankle sprain. In only a few visits, our clinicians will provide a comprehensive assessment and treatment approach to ensure your entire body recovers from the injury by providing specific exercises to improve balance and strength with the goal of reducing risk for subsequent injury. Targeted exercise prescription and appropriate progression will support your body in the long term and make sure you are able to continue performing the activities you enjoy most.

Remember, there is no such thing as a “minor” ankle sprain! Seek PT now so you don’t have to seek PT later…