Physical Therapy is a field that continues to expand and grow in its knowledge base and specialities. With all of the fun and beneficial new interventions we have to work with, we still rely on and are grateful for aquatic therapy with many of our patients. Not every clinic is able to access a pool and we are very thankful for the fact that we are able to work with nearby rec centers to get our patients the treatments that are best suited for them.

Aquatic Therapy can be beneficial for so many of our patients covering a wide range of problems we are treating, or activity level of the patient. In fact, it’s very helpful for those that are having significant orthopedic and health issues and don’t tolerate land based exercises while also benefiting those at a very high level of activity that may be limited by restrictions from their doctor after an injury or surgery.

A few benefits in aquatic therapy are:

  1. Decreased pain with immersion in the water with reduced pressure through the joints of the body and increasing blood flow in our warmer water temperatures to promote relaxation.
  2. Increased joint flexibility with the buoyancy of water reducing the effects of gravity. As the water helps you float your limbs and body, this will make it a bit easier to move joints that tend to be painful.
  3. The ability to strengthen in a more supported environment. The water has its own resistance you can use to exercise against while also benefiting from reduced pressure on the joints.
  4. Improved balance reactions in the water with support from the pressure and buoyancy of the water which can allow for our patients to practice balance and movement in a safer environment.

We use a few rec centers in our area including the Margaret Carpenter Center, the Paul Derda Rec Center, and the Wheat Ridge Rec center. To begin with aquatic therapy, we must first see you in our office to evaluate your starting point so we can make the best plan of care for you on land or in the water. Everyone’s treatment is different in both its content and in its frequency. Most of our patients love aquatic therapy even when they thought otherwise before beginning. If you are a current patient, feel free to ask your therapist about aquatic treatment or give our office a call if you’re not scheduled with us and we can see if it’s right for you!