Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is a process that extends beyond pain from an injury. While it’s very difficult to predict who will have chronic pain, we now know there is more at work than a specific tissue injury. Things such as stress and level of dysfunction can contribute to chronic pain. As a result, our bodies attempt to adapt to these sensations, and minimize pain by limiting movement and activity. Eventually, our bodies treat this pain as “normal,” leading to the chronic pain process.

At A. Fox Physical Therapy, we strive to treat each person with a whole-body approach. All our therapists go above and beyond to deliver care that focuses on every factor contributing to your pain or dysfunction. We believe that a focused, personalized plan of care helps you reduce pain, restore function, and get you back to doing the things you enjoy.


I tore my groin very bad playing hockey. I did a lot of research and chose Dr. Anne-Marie Fox for some IMS therapy. I went for 3 applications and the healing ...

- Carter Einhorn
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