Clinic Policies

These policies are in place to better serve you – our patient.

Insurance and Payment for Services

Many insurance plans require the patient to pay a co-pay, a deductible or a co-insurance.  If you are required to pay such, it will be due at the time of service.  It is illegal not to pay these as they are the fee for service you are receiving.  It is illegal for us to write these off unless financial hardship has been proven (based on federal guidelines).
We will verify your insurance, but HIGHLY recommend you do so as well.  We are often given incorrect information by the insurance company, yet you ARE still responsible for payment on your account based on what your insurance plan does and does not cover.
If you opt to pay privately (cash) for your services, payment is due upon arrival for the date of service.  We will not reverse bills already submitted to insurance to private pay.  A set discount will be given to those that opt to pay cash and do not require us to bill insurance.

We will respect your time, Please respects ours.

Do not be late. If you are more than 10 minutes late to your appointment you will be asked to reschedule as it interferes with next patients appointment. Understand that your appointment time is saved specifically for you and if you are late you affect your therapy, but you also negatively affect other patients who arrive promptly.

Give 24-hour notice for any cancellations:

We ask that you provide a minimum of 24 hours notice that you are cancelling your appointment so we may schedule a patient that would like to get treatment.  If you call to cancel and do not give the 24 hours notice a fee will likely be assessed.  We understand emergencies do happen, if you call you may get a one time fee waived.


We understand that things happen. If you are unable to keep your appointment, please call and let us know. If you have future appointments scheduled and you do not call us, those appointments will be cancelled as well. If you do not show for your appointment and do not call an automatic $75 fee will be assessed. If you No Show for your Initial Evaluation you may forfeit your ability to re-schedule with us.

Turn cell phones off:

If you must have your cell phone on for emergency purposes only, please put it on vibrate and keep calls to a minimum. Both your time and the therapists’ time are important.  Please respect this by holding off on calls until your therapy is over.



I tore my groin very bad playing hockey. I did a lot of research and chose Dr. Anne-Marie Fox for some IMS therapy. I went for 3 applications and the healing ...

- Carter Einhorn
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