A solution to a variety of Headache Types

According to the National Headache Foundation, over 45 million Americans suffer from chronic, recurring headaches and of these, 28 million suffer from migraine type headaches. About 20% of children and adolescents also experience significant headaches.

While there are greater than 150 types of headache, common types are:

Tension type or cervicogenic headache – Dull pressure wrapping around the head and sometimes the neck.  Please click the link for more information and physical therapy solutions!

Migraine Headache – Moderate to severe throbbing, which is usually one sided.  Generally lasting 4 to 72 hours, this headache can be accompanied by nausea, vomiting, light, smell and sound sensitivity as well as increasing pain with typical daily activities.  Please click the link for more information at physical therapy solutions!

Cluster Headache – The least common, it is a severe headache with sharp, severe pain which develops rapidly, is one-sided, usually behind the eye, lasting 30-180 minutes and generally occurring in groups, or clusters, throughout the day.

Some headaches are dangerous and merit urgent medical attention.  Seek medical attention if you have:

  • The worst headache of your life.
  • A headache associated with trouble using, coordinating, or sensing part of the body.
  • A headache with a change in consciousness, an inability to speak, stiff neck, or severe fever and chills.

If you are uncertain if your headache is being caused by something dangerous, ask your doctor.  He or she will refer you to a neurologist if more specialized diagnostics and treatment are indicated.

To find out more information on migraine headaches: click here.

If you would like more information on headaches that may be caused by issues in the neck: click here.


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