For so many reasons, as humans, we are meant to move around.  We facilitate various processes within our body through movement: circulation, waste removal, and lubrication to name a few.  There is a strong correlation between a person’s capacity for movement/activity and tolerance to the daily stress of life.  The problem for some people occurs when movement comes with the price tag of pain.

In the clinic, we frequently hear things like, “My knee does well throughout the day; it just hurts when I run.”  This is a flag, as running should not hurt!  Running should not be painful.  Okay, the lung-searing pain of oxygen debt at altitude doesn’t count; that can keep sucking.

Staying on the topic of the knee, our patients will tell us that things are fine until they have to walk down a flight of stairs.  Boom – another flag.  When a joint does well with general movement, but fails to execute a specific movement pattern without issue, there is likely something mechanically wrong with that motion.  We can fix that!

Is there enough mobility at the ankle and hip to facilitate the movement appropriately?  Do we have enough stability at the hip to account for motion at the knee?  Is the foot doing its job in shock absorption and transference of energy?

These are three examples of what we look for to find a solution for you.  The key takeaway is that there is almost always something underlying the poor performance of a movement pattern that is very addressable in even just a handful of physical therapy sessions.

If you head out for a run and come back in pain, that is weird.  It is not normal.  Don’t just wait and reassure yourself with one of the following statements, “I just started back up again.  I just need to get back in the swing of things.  The pain will go away when I lose some of this weight.  It only hurts for the rest of the day, so it is okay.”

Don’t suffer through movement in pain.  Our profession is built around improving the capability of the human body to function through its entirety of motion, so let us help you restore that pain-free movement today.