See a PT for Bowel and Bladder Problems, Really?

Most of you know that physical therapists treat musculoskeletal problems like back pain and sprained ankles. Some of you may even have heard that physical therapists treat urinary incontinence. But did you know that physical therapists can treat constipation and fecal...

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When Should You Go To Urgent Care?

When Should You Go to Urgent Care? Contributed by Advanced Urgent Care & Occupational Medicine As an urgent care center, one common question we hear is: “Should I go to the emergency room or urgent care?” The simple answer: it’s all in the name. Urgent care...

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Raynaud’s Phenomenon

The weather is changing with more frigid days ahead and for some of us, it can make it difficult to regulate the temperature of our hands and feet. For those who are familiar with the diagnosis of Raynaud's Phenomenon, read on for some tips on what may trigger your...

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Summary of Trigger Finger

Trigger fingers are a fairly common ailment with our patients most commonly between the ages of 50-70 and is six times more prevalent in women compared with men and associated with the diagnosis of diabetes as well. Inflammation builds up at the sheath that surrounds...

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Dry Needling in a Nutshell

    We as physical therapists are always striving to provide the best care for each patient we treat. One tool we use quite frequently is a form of intramuscular stimulation known as dry needling. Essentially, this means we are able to stimulate the muscle from the...

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The Shoulder Explained

The shoulder is an inherently unstable joint. Typically known as a ball-and-socket joint, the shoulder has a very shallow surface for the joint to interact. While it may lack stability, we make up for it by having incredible mobility at the shoulder. Think of it this...

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The Knee Explained

As you may know personally, the knee is a very commonly injured joint. We all have heard of ACL tears, meniscus tears, even fractures, but today we’re going to discuss the basic mechanics of the knee, and what happens with common injuries. Above is a picture of the...

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Is Aquatic Therapy Right for You?

Along with traditional “in-clinic” physical therapy, we at A. Fox also offer aquatic therapy services. Under the instruction and supervision of Dr. Tyler Luke, aquatic therapy can be a very effective treatment often for many different people. But what exactly is...

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Physical Therapy First

With the exponential increase in healthcare costs in the U.S., many people are trying to find ways to save money on their health spending. Providers are also seeking ways to improve patient outcomes in more efficient ways. Between insurance premiums, deductibles,...

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A. Fox Physical Therapy Expanding into Broomfield

A Fox Physical Therapy, P. C., is proud to announce the opening of our newest office in Broomfield, Colorado located in the Chateaux at Fox Meadows on the north side of 136th Avenue just East of Sheridan Blvd. We are currently undergoing renovation anticipated to be...

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I tore my groin very bad playing hockey. I did a lot of research and chose Dr. Anne-Marie Fox for some IMS therapy. I went for 3 applications and the healing ...

- Carter Einhorn
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