Tips For Thumb Pain

Thumb pain is a very common complaint, especially as we start to get a bit older, but is there anything we can do for it? Hopefully if you are having some thumb pain, you will find some helpful tips in this post. There are a few injuries and problems that can occur at...

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Leave Your IT Band Out Of This!

Several years back, we jumped on the "crush-your-ITB" bandwagon and started foam rolling. We smashed into that until we were blue in the face, and maybe a bit through the IT band well. Now that we have learned more about the IT band and its function, let’s give it a...

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Knee Problems? Think Hip.

The majority of us experience knee pain at some point in our lives. The reasons for flare-ups are diverse and range from the sedentary to the over-active, which is why it affects so many. Common diagnoses that pop up in many offices are patellofemoral pain and...

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New Year, New Feet!

We’re halfway through January and, chances are, your feet have probably not seen much sunlight. Aside from the quick trip out to the car barefoot or in sandals, we largely keep our feet shod (in shoes) during these colder months.  In case you didn’t know, our feet...

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Movement Should Not Hurt

For so many reasons, as humans, we are meant to move around.  We facilitate various processes within our body through movement: circulation, waste removal, and lubrication to name a few.  There is a strong correlation between a person's capacity for movement/activity...

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Finding Physical Balance

Are your work outs enough to keep you healthy? Can’t find the time for it, think your active lifestyle is enough, or believe you are fit as a fiddle? Read on. Finding time for even a brief work out, let alone a complete one, is near impossible for most. It’s...

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How Do We Come Up With Your Home Exercise Program?

When leaving your physical therapy evaluation or the first follow up appointment, you will most likely be given some homework to do. Some may get similar programs depending on their injury, but they are all created with you in mind. In case anyone was wondering how we...

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How Important Is It To Do Your Physical Therapy Homework?

The current stalemate in healing is that we are all so busy, and we take very little time to care for ourselves over others. In physical therapy, we hope everyone that walks through our doors will walk out feeling amazing and worlds better at each session. This,...

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Aquatic Therapy Benefits

Physical Therapy is a field that continues to expand and grow in its knowledge base and specialities. With all of the fun and beneficial new interventions we have to work with, we still rely on and are grateful for aquatic therapy with many of our patients. Not every...

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I tore my groin very bad playing hockey. I did a lot of research and chose Dr. Anne-Marie Fox for some IMS therapy. I went for 3 applications and the healing ...

- Carter Einhorn
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