Did you know that A Fox PT offers pool therapy AND has a DPT who specializes in Pool Therapy? We can treat a wide variety of conditions in the water. Exercising in the water can help decrease the load on the joints, which makes it a great place to perform movements that might otherwise be painful on land. You don’t even have to be a great swimmer to participate.

Some of the common injuries or diagnoses we treat in pool therapy includes osteoarthritis, tendinopathy (rotator cuff, gluteal), general strength and balance, post operative conditions (rotator cuff, total joint replacement, ACL), and lower back pain. If you find yourself struggling to make progress on land, talk to your Physical Therapist to see if this would be a good option for you.

So how exactly does water-based exercise work? Well to start with, water makes you more buoyant, which decreases the body weight and compression on the joints of your spine and extremities. The water itself also creates a natural resistance, which you can use to your advantage to exercise the muscles surrounding the joint without the compressive force of gravity that you would otherwise have on land. We can also bring in some equipment to help provide even greater resistance. We can use anything from kickboards and pool noodles to water buoys, to help make exercises more challenging on the muscles for strengthening purposes.

The water also provides a safe environment to challenge your balance and work on your gait pattern. You won’t have to worry about the fear of falling and hoping your PT will catch you!

If you’re looking to start pool therapy, give us a call so we can perform a complete evaluation on land to determine if pool therapy is right for you. Once you start pool therapy, you will be provided with a routine tailored specifically to you. You can find out more information on locations and pool policies on our website  or feel free to give us a call. We would love to help you!