Vestibular Therapy

ear-canalWe are equipped to evaluate and treat your dizziness, which may be coming from your vestibular system (inner ear), cardiovascular system, or neuromuscular system. All of our patients undergo a thorough examination to ensure you are not experiencing symptoms due to other systemic conditions, such as tumor or other underlying illness. If you are experiencing “the spins,” where the room spins around you, particularly when lying down or turning over in bed, you may be experiencing a type of vertigo known as Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo or BPPV. This condition occurs when calcium deposits end up in your fluid-filled semi-circular canals causing turbulence, like a rapid in a river. This causes the vestibular system to tell the brain we are still moving even though we are sitting still. BPPV can be corrected with specific positional exercises and generally resolves within 1-3 treatment.


I tore my groin very bad playing hockey. I did a lot of research and chose Dr. Anne-Marie Fox for some IMS therapy. I went for 3 applications and the healing ...

- Carter Einhorn
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