I am writing this with gratitude in my heart.  A little over four years ago I was diagnosed with RSD, reflex sympathetic dystrophy disorder.  To put it in simpler terms, the nerves in my shins, ankles, and feet are “misfiring” so to speak, and sending incorrect messages to my brain in regards to physical pain, and neurological symptoms like numbness, tingling, coldness, burning, stinging and a feeling like I’m being stung by bees, etc.

Prior to seeing Annie Fox, P.T. I had constantly tried a variety of standard physical therapies and exercises in addition to pain medications.  None of these treatments were effective.  Since I started the IMS (intramuscular stimulation) treatment with Annie I have seen improvement in the pain and symptom levels of the RSD.  There have been instances where the IMS treatment has actually eliminated specific areas of pain in my feet and shins.

Although I am not pain free yet nor symptom free, I finally have hope for improvement as a result of Annie’s treatments.  This is the first thing in four years that has given me hope and a feeling of optimism that I will once again be functional in my life and not have my days be consumed with the incessant cycles of pain and its hideous affect on my life and being.

Annie and her staff have always been warm, kind, gentle and loving towards me and my predicament.  Annie’s compassion, confidence and skill at the IMS treatment has in turn given me hope and confidence of potential recovery from the RSD.  The effectiveness of IMS should not be underrated and although it is painful in nature just having the treatments, it is gradually being effective in marked improvement in pain and symptom levels for me and I encourage others to be persistent with ongoing IMS treatment.

Thank you Annie – you are a blessing!

Debra, Longmont, CO