The first time I saw Annie, I had been living with lower back pain for several years. I had tried several different treatments, and been to several other doctors and was just about ready to start taking painkillers and give up on finding a cure. I saw an ad for A. Fox Physical Therapy, P.C. and went on the website to find about IMS, and became excited to give it a try. After my very first visit, I told everyone I knew that I could already tell that this had been a life changing event! I now live without pain about 98% of the time, and I know that when I do something that aggravates my injury, that I can go for a treatment with the “magic needles” and the pain will go away. After seeing my success, my husband, mother and a few of our friends are also satisfied patients. Whenever someone tells me they have pain, I tell them to call A. Fox Physical Therapy, P.C.

Sarah S., Thornton, CO