My General Practitioner recommended that I should visit Dr. Fox to treat my sciatica.  In the past, when I had sciatica, it would always last between eight and twelve weeks. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications and/or physical therapy would make no difference.  My physician told me that Dr. Fox had some different methods of treatment. Dr. Annie Fox introduced me to her special type of needle therapy. After the first visit, I was about 80% better, a minor miracle.
My second exposure to Dr. Fox had similar results: I had been suffering with carpal tunnel syndrome in both wrists for the last six years.  I had been sleeping with two wrist braces for the whole time.

A year ago, a wrist surgeon told me that I would ultimately need an operation on each wrist. There was no emergency and I should tell him when I wanted it to be performed.  Two months, ago I decided that it was time for the operations.

I casually mentioned the above to Dr. Fox, and she said that she could help.  Two visits, yielded dramatic improvement.  I no longer need the wrist braces or the surgery. I have found Dr. Annie Fox to be compassionate, caring and capable.  I strongly recommend her services.

Jerry H. Moskowitz, R.P.