I am writing this note to express my sincerest appreciation and thanks to you and your very competent staff. I have had three major surgeries within 5 weeks starting on February, 2007.

The first two surgeries were to fix my spine so that I could try and live a normal life without pain. These surgeries required both an anterior and posterior approach to implant titanium supports and bone grafts. A few weeks after the surgeries, I developed a staff infection in my back which required another surgery. At this point in time, I was so weak and in so much pain that my doctor referred me to you for therapy. I have found that within only a few sessions with you and your excellent staff that finally my pain is decreasing.

You and your staff are extremely professional, friendly, and competent; and the environment you provide is very comfortable. I have had a lot of physical therapy in the past, and nothing compares to this. I look forward to my therapy sessions. You and your staff are a “rare find,” and I could not be more grateful for helping me so much!

Mary Bills