I met Annie in February 2007, six weeks after my two level neck fusion surgery. I fell hard on the ice in 2001, and a year later started having painful neck symptoms. I literally tried everything a person could try to get pain relief. During those five years after I fell, I have seen at least 10 different Physical Therapists. Each time I saw them for a few months at a time. Almost every time, all they would do for me was give me a list of exercises to do and gave me the occasional ultrasound treatment. I tried to communicate with them, but it always felt like it fell on deaf ears. I was really starting to think things were hopeless for me. I even ended up in a depression because nothing would help my pain. I had such bad neck and upper body muscle spasms that I had to decrease the amount I worked because I couldn’t tolerate standing up for most of the day. I also had to alter my social life because I couldn’t sit for any length of time, either.
After having the neck surgery as a last ditch effort, I still experienced bad muscle spasms. I told the surgeon’s office at my six week post-op appointment that I was done wasting my time with Physical Therapy. I was pretty adamant about not going, but they recommended Annie because they knew she would really help me and we would be a great fit together. I was so anxious to meet her that I drove straight from the surgeon’s office to A. Fox Physical Therapy, P.C. ( Annie’s office) to make an appointment.

She saw me the first thing the next morning and I knew immediately that this was going to be a very good experience!

Annie and her staff were so friendly and empathetic to me. I felt like they really cared very much about my pain. They were always extremely accommodating to me, listened to me, and were willing to fit me in the schedule if I had any kind of set-back. I really wish I had met Annie sooner because I feel that I could have avoided neck surgery with the proper care beforehand. And I feel that I suffered needlessly for five years because I didn’t receive the superior care that I have gotten with Annie. The manual therapy and IMS (needling) was outstanding. I cannot thank her enough for all the help she has given me. I am really feeling like my old happy self again!!

Sue K. Ziemann