When I first met Annie and her magic needles it had been exactly one year since my auto accident. The accident had left me with a concussion, whiplash injury with resultant bulging of 3 cervical discs, dislocated clavicle and deep contusions of my ribs and pelvis. On that one year mark I was still having headaches, still had constant pain in my neck and shoulders, could not reach above my head or lift anything over 10 lbs without severe spasms in my neck and shoulders, I still became nauseous and diaphoretic when I turned my head to the left and still could not sleep through the night because of the pain. I had used pain pills, muscle relaxants and been through 10 weeks of physical therapy. The only thing that was remotely helping was having a massage twice a month.The level of healing I had achieved after a year, with the above treatments, was unacceptable to me. In my search for answers, for a new treatment, for relief of my pain, I was referred to Annie for IMS treatments. Despite the fact that my pain level and ability level were unacceptable to me, I didn’t really know how much I hurt or how despairing I had become until the pain started to subside and I began to feel more like my old self. I wish I could say that the relief was instantaneous, but it wasn’t. The first session was very painful and surprisingly quite emotional for me.The second session less so and by the third session I was a firm believer. I began to believe that the things I love to do, not to mention some activities of daily living, were not gone forever.

The results of an IMS treatment at first lasted 4 or 5 days, but with each treatment the results lasted longer and longer and I now receive treatment once or twice a month. After a couple of months of IMS therapy I started physical therapy again and have continued with twice monthly massages.

It’s been 5 months since I first met Annie and her magic needles. I no longer have headaches, I can lift and reach without pain, I can turn my head to the left (which helps tremendously while driving!) and I sleep through the night.

Most importantly? I have not had and hopefully will never have surgery on my neck.

Kim Dallum, RN