I’ve had back pain for over 3 years since I broke my back.  Surgery was suggested a few years ago but I was determined to fix my core muscles and heal without surgery.  After a few different PT’s, one who tried dry-needling on me for the first time, he punctured my lung (Mark Plaatjes in Boulder, do not let him dry needle you).  Ever since my horrible dry-needle experience (a year ago) I have not allowed a dry needle to get close and I’ve just done other PT regimens in hopes to one day be pain-free.  The slightest wrong-move, I’ll be out for a few weeks, hardly able to walk.

15 days ago, I moved wrong and decided to go see another back-specialist as I’m to a point where I’m ready to consider surgery.  I was ordered an MRI and PT therapy with Dr. Fox (since other PT’s haven’t worked, Dr. V suggested Dr. Fox, as she’s the best).  In my first appointment with Dr. Fox today she was extremely thorough and helped me to see that there might be a light at the end of my pain-journey-tunnel.  We are still waiting for MRI to happen to know more about what treatments I’ll use; however, in the meantime she opened up my mind to dry-needling.  I was so scared when she first mentioned it, to just start somewhere with relaxing my muscles.  I asked her to back up and walk me through the complications and what to expect.  She sat down and walked me through everything I needed to know.  After she spent the time to help educate me and give me everything I needed to know to trust I’d be OK, it made sense to give dry-needling another try.

The moment I stood up, I was still sore but had significantly less pain in the little things I tried.  A few hours later (now) I realized I was walking without pain and felt a freedom from pain that I have not had in a long time.  I am scheduled to see Dr. Fox 2 times a week and when I was first extremely hesitant to be “prescribed” yet again, PT – I’m now looking forward to where I’ll go in my treatment with her.  I left feeling hopeful and excited for a pain-healing journey with Dr. Fox.  I’ll keep you all posted – but for now, I had to share my extremely positive first-experience. I highly recommend this place – a must do!

Amanda Hilton